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First Impressions

You’re relocating and now it’s time to sell your current home. To ensure a successful sale, you must prepare your property for the market. Creating a positive first impression can mean the difference between finding the right buyer and showing your home to many browsers.

There are many actions you can take to improve your home’s appeal. Before showing your property, you should look at your home through buyer’s eyes. Often when homeowners view their own home, they fail to notice inherent flaws or imperfections, so ask a trusted friend to give you an honest opinion. By looking as objectively as possible at your property, as if seeing it from the curb for the first time, you can decide what improvements need to be made to achieve the maximum level of impact. Sometimes the smallest improvements can make a significant difference in a potential buyer’s perception of your home. Just as a director carefully stages a play to make a desired impression, so must your home be properly staged for the desired sale.

Following these tips will help you make your house look its best for buyers’ showings and open houses. Keep in mind that a potential buyer’s first impression is usually the most important and lasting one.

Basement, Attic, Garage

  • Clean out the clutter to make the area look larger
  • Keep stairways and entryways well lit
  • Ventilate or dehumidify
  • Repair cracked floors and walls
  • Stack items off the floor and against the walls


  • To brighten, paint walls, wash cabinets, and put up new curtains
  • Remove any appliances or clutter from your counters
  • Leave a delicious smell in the kitchen


  • Repair dripping faucets
  • Keep fresh guest towels in the bathroom
  • Clean stains from toilets, bathtubs and sinks
  • Keep sinks and mirrors shining
  • Unclog sinks and bathtubs
  • Use a deodorizer in the bathroom area
  • Replace old caulking around the bathtub

Living Areas

  • Have all plaster in top shape
  • Check ceilings for leakage stains
  • Use white and neutrals if painting and redecorating
  • Wash windows and replace any cracked or broken glass
  • All windows should open and close easily
  • Keep draperies open, window shades up
  • Be sure every light switch works and replace burned out bulbs
  • Discard items now that will be disposed of when moving
  • Straighten up the closets
  • Keep pets away during showings
  • Lubricate any sticking or squeaking doors
  • Turn off all televisions
  • Remove excess furniture and pack personal items


  • Invest in landscaping where it can be seen at first sight
  • Trim overgrown shrubbery and keep the lawn mowed
  • Paint your house, if necessary
  • Repaint front shutters, window frames and front door

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